About Me

I am an artist that responds to the beauty in nature. The breath and scope of my art lies in allowing the rawness, the primitive and the sublime to emerge. I translate this intuitive felt presence with shapes, textures, and movements on paper. My art stems from this contemplative receptive place that strives to create harmony. Through the processes of melting wax, fusing with fire, mark making through branding, and layering of color and materials, I give form to the formless. I wrestle and ultimately surrender to flow of creative energies that give voice to the mystery held in nature. The language that emerges can be understood not with the constraints of the mind but with an open heart.  

I am based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and have been in contemplative art practice for over 30 years. 


1993- M.S. In Administration and Supervision with Visual Arts Focus-Bank Street College/Parsons School of Art, NYC

1993-2000- Arts Student League-Abstract Painting/Assemblage Classes with - Frank O'Cain, Bruce Dorfman, Knox Martin, Andy Lukach

2006-Lorraine Glessner-Encaustic Workshop- Peters Valley, Newton NJ

2007- Paula Roland-Encaustic Workshop Ghost Ranch-Abiquiu NM

2009-Lorraine Glessner-Encaustic with Mark Making Workshop- R&F, Kingston NY

2010- Paula Roland-Mark Making Workshop, Santa Fe, NM2014-Encaustic Graphite Workshop, Paula Roland Studio, Santa Fe, NM 

2014-Paula Roland-Encaustic Graphite Workshop, Paula Roland Studio, Santa Fe, NM

 2014-Ellen Koment, Shawna Moore- Encaustic Oil Painting Workshop, Madrid, NM

2015-Lorraine Glessner, Laurie Klein-Encaustic with Photography Workshop- Philadelphia, PA

2021-2022- Jorge Bernal-Cold Wax, Monotype Workshops, Santa Fe, NM


Solo Exhibition
2012-Brick Wall Gallery, Caffe Latte, NYC, NY

Group Exhibition
2011-Mindful Art Exhibit, Brick Wall Gallery, Caffe Latte, NYC, NY

2019-Permanent Collection-Encaustic Art Museum, Cerrillos, NM


2022-Reggio Emilia Inspired Early Childhood Art Consultant, Santa Fe, NM 

2021-Founder of Florentino Coaching and Mentoring Services, LLC- Sonia-mentoring.com

2011-Founder of Mindful Art Public School Afterschool Program, NYC, NY

2010-Kunskapsskolan Innovate Charter School Art Curriculum/Consultant


Creator of 'Creative Expression for Teachers', Graduate Summer Course, City College, NYC, NY

1984-2010- NYC Public School Educator, Department of Education, NYC, NY

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